Convert Arrays in an Object to an Object in Javascript

I was working with an object in Javascript, and I needed to convert all arrays in the object to an object itself no matter the level the Array was present in the object. Here's what I came up with:

const convertArrayInObject = (obj) => {
  return JSON.parse(JSON.stringify(obj, (key, value) => {
          const convertedTOOBject = value.reduce((obj, cur, index) => ({...obj, [index]: cur}), {});
          return convertedTOOBject;
      return value;

The above code snippet takes advantage of the replace callback parameter in the JSON.stringify function (here's an article that explains it).

It checks for every value in the object, if it's an array, and then converts to an object using the index as the key.

Pretty simple - and with the above, we get:

// input
// {
//   "name": "Edwards",
//   "links": ["", ""],
//   "age": 23
// }

// output 
// {
//     "name": "Edwards",
//     "links": {
//         "0": "",
//         "1": ""
//     },
//     "age": 23
// }


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