Hi there! 👋 Welcome — I'm Edwards

I help companies build and design software.

Whether you're taking your first steps into building your app or you need to improve your existing application, I can help.

I'm a freelance React/React Native developer and a web & mobile development consultant who works with companies in United States, England, and around the world to build and improve their web & mobile presence on the internet, Android & iOS. I design MVPs, build software, automate processes to bring new products to market and achieve your business goals.

How can I help

With experience working with a range of companies, I'll help your company bring your product to market whichever way I can.

Learn more about my process

Development & prototyping

Have an idea? I’ve been building software for nearly a decade. Let's work together - let's get your project launched!

Improving your app

Have an app? Want to build a next set of features? Your app is under-performing? I love to help!

Product Management

What to build, for whom and when? When building an app, these questions can be tough — so let me help you. Let's brainstorm together!

Don't take my word for it

I've had the immense pleasure to work with great people and companies. Here's are few words they had to say about working with me.

    • Edwards is very professional. One of the best coders we hired to help us out with a project that needed a lot of help. He gave us detailed documentations and walk through for every milestone of the project. Very communicative and I will 100 percent recommend Edwards!

      Maeda Hanafi
      Engineer at Appsmith
    • I worked with Edwards for more than 4 years, on so many projects ranging from educational web apps, supply chain apps to networking. He has delivered a very commendable job, specifically paying detailed attention to software design and project directions.

      Nureni Awayewaserere
      CEO at RedoxCorp
    • Anytime a new development challenge arose, Edwards was the one to tackle it. Annotations, custom CRMs, emails, CI/CD, Stripe subscriptions, uber-like queue system, notifications, in-app messaging, PDF generation, etc. He did it all when I couldn't. Your team would be lucky to have Edwards and I urge you to reach out.

      Matt Ruiz
      Founder of TrouthouseTech
    • Edwards was great on many levels. Very good and broad skill set, flexibility, communication, and self-management. He was proactively looking for work rather than waiting for the next task and finding better solutions than we anticipated. He was very transparent and updated us about all steps every day so there was never the question of what work has been done. The team was very happy working with him and we can recommend him to any team at any time.

      Max Kuck
      Product Designer
    • Edwards was a valuable member of the team as a lead engineering developer. His hard work, dedication and skillfulness contributed greatly to serving our customers and users well.

      Segun Aderinto
      Co-founder at Learnflo
    • I first met Edwards when I joined a startup as a Product Designer to design their learning web app and he was the developer on the team. Working with Edwards was a real pleasure. His communication was always pleasant and clear, which helped him build strong relationships within the the team and with our customers.

      Jerry Ibeawuchi
      Senior Product Designer at AKQA

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