Creating a Browser Extension using React and Typescript - with the Plasmo Framework

I started another side project yet again! This time, I wanted to explore browser extensions - and how to create them using React. And after some research, I found Plasmo - a React framework for browser extensions.

With it, we get the power of developing, testing and publishing browser extensions. And we also get some nifty features like Hot-Reload while developing, which is pretty handy.

They have a pretty nice tagline - It's like Next.js for browser extensions. And I got to say, that expectation was fulfilled.

With no experience creating browser extensions, I was able to onboard pretty quickly, and have an extension working on my Chrome browser.

They also have a lot of nice pre-built examples showcasing how Plasmo can be used.

So, let's get started creating a browser extension with React and Typescript.

Getting Started

To get started, we'd want to create the project by running:

yarn create plasmo

# or

npm create plasmo

One thing to keep in mind, while creating the project is having 16.14.x > as the Node.JS version - I didn't realize that earlier - and that threw me off for a while.

And once we've have the project setup, we can get started running. To run the extension, we run the command:

yarn dev

# or
npm run dev

The above command will build a bundle of our extension into the directory: build/chrome-mv3-dev

And to get our extension running on Chrome, head over to chrome://extensions and turn on Developer mode.


And then, we want to load the extension into Chrome, by clicking on the Load unpacked button, and then navigating to our extension build/chrome-mv3-dev directory, and voila, we get our extension running on Chrome.


Next Steps

Plasmo has an extensive guide on the available features of the Browser extension SDK. For example, I used the Content Script guide for logging to the console.

The End

Using Plasmo as my framework of choice when creating a browser extension was a delight - with great developer experience packaged in every step of the way.

I haven't gotten to that step yet, but they also have a guide on publishing the browser extension - which is pretty nice.

If you want to checkout my side-project (which I hope to have completed one-day 😂), here's the Github repository:


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