The Ultimate Checklist To A Successful Google Play Store Listing

You've built an awesome app! And finally, you're ready to upload it to the Google Play store. Your users can finally get the app on their hands.

In this article, I'll share with you a checklist of information you'll need to get your app listed and published to the Google Play store.

Your listing on the Google Play Store is meant to be a visual summary of the app - with a brief description, information and the screenshots of the app. So, let's get to it!

1. App Title

The title is the most important part of your app listing. It's what your users see first and what they search for when looking for your app.

One thing to keep in mind though is that it can be different from your App's name on your users' device when downloaded.

I'd recommend putting the main keywords you'd expect your users to be searching for. For example, with an app, BakeAlong, "BakeAlong—Your Baking Recipes" could be the title.

It's important though to remember that you can only use up to 30 characters, so use relevant keywords!

2. App Short Description

A short description about your application - You want to carefully interweave a set of keywords that best describes what your app is. You can use a maximum of 80 characters, so it's important that you're as concise as possible.

3. App Description

The app description is a crucial part of the marketing strategy for your app.

You can use a maximum of 4000 characters, so you'll want to best present the features of your app, convince your users why they should download your app.

One way to help improve your description, is by keeping in your mind eye - Who are my users? What do they want? How can my app help them?

And keeping those questions in mind, write a convincing, interesting hook for your app.

Here are Google guidelines on writing your app description.

4. App icon

The app icon is the face of your app. Like the title, it can be different from the Icon displayed on your users' device.

The icon must adhere to a 512*512px size. Google has an awesome guide on designing your app icon.

5. Category

The app category helps Google determine the relevant category for your app. Here are the categories available to your app on the Google PlayStore.

6. Featured graphic

The feature graphic is one of the most important visual asset for your app. It's displayed at the top of your App store listing.

The feature graphic must adhere to the 1024 * 500px size. To get the most of the feature graphic for your app, Google has some recommended guidelines.

7. App Screenshots

You'll need a minimum of 2 screenshots for your app, and a maximum of 8 screenshots for each device your app supports: Phone, Tablet, Android TV, and Wear OS.

When designing the screenshot of the app, it must lie between 320px and 3840px. You want the screenshot for your app to convey the key benefits for your app - get your users hooked. You also want to use a consistent color palette in the screenshots from your app icon and your app.

Here are Google guidelines on screenshots for your app.

8. Promotional Video

A Youtube URL to a video promoting your app. Your users can play the video by clicking on the play button overlaid on top of your featured graphic.

9. Contact details

Contact details for your app are included in the listing on Google Play store. They include: an email address (required), a website address (optional), and a contact phone number (optional).

10. App Pricing

When publishing your app to the Play store, you decide how the application is priced. You can choose to set it as Free, or Paid.

If you choose a Paid application, there are a number of options, and Google official guide can be very helpful in this regard.

11. Privacy policy URL

If your application collects any personal information, or if it's designed for children, you must provide a website URL to your privacy policy. This will be displayed on the Google Play store listing.


That concludes the checklist to get your app listed on the Google Play store. If you're publishing your app to the Apple App store, here's a similar checklist that would be helpful.


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